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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rawa Dhokla

Dhokla originates from Gujarat and served as a snack or breakfast. This is a savory dish with a spongy and porous texture, spiced with green chilies. Normally these are steamed and fried in oil along with the seasonings. But here, the seasonings are poured over the dhokla to reduce the oil consumption. There are different kinds of dhokla prepared with rice and dals, and the batter is left for fermenting. And here is the recipe for instant dhokla, so go ahead and enjoy it,


1 cup Rava/Semolina
1tbsp Oil
1 pinch Ajwain seeds
1/2tsp Ginger (minced)
2 small Green Chilli (finely chopped)
1/2 cup Water
1/2 cup Yogurt
1 pinch Turmeric powder
1tsp ENO fruit salt
1/2tsp Salt

1tbsp Oil
1/2tsp Mustard seeds
1/2tsp Urad dal
3 Green chilli (slit and de-seeded)
2tbsp Cilantro (chopped)
How to:
  • In a big bowl, add the rava, ajwain and oil. Mix well and keep it aside.

  • In a small bowl, add the yogurt, green chilli, ginger, turmeric powder and salt. 

  • Add the yogurt mixture into the rava mixture along with water and prepare a lump-free batter.

  • Let the batter rest for 15 mins.

  • Meanwhile, bring the water to a boil in a pressure cooker/stock pot and grease the dhokla plates/cooker vessel and keep it aside.

  • Add the ENO salt to the batter and mix well. It foams up and makes the batter light and airy.

  • Now pour the batter into the greased cooker vessel and cook for 15 mins with cooker lid closed, without whistle.

  • Remove and let sit for few mins. Garnish with cilantro.

  •  Heat oil in a small skillet, add the seasoning ingredients and pour over the hot dhokla.

  • Cut into desired shapes and serve warm with chutney.


  1. Very delicious n perfectly made

  2. Wat a super tempting and inviting dhokla,seriously can have it anytime.

  3. dhokla is my fav. looks so delicious

  4. perfectly made...my dhokla,s never rise...any idea why....

  5. Thanks Lav. To answer ur Q, I guess the rest time of the batter and the addition of eno salt just before steaming plays a vital role. Also, try not to over mix once you add the eno salt. Hope this helps.


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